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Our History

Our Ambition

We want to do more to help wildlife and the home we share with them. From our products at the sink to our efforts at the shore, see how we are shaping our goals for the future.


Our Goals at the Sink

  • Reducing Water Use – Enable a 25% reduction in in-home water usage related to handwashing dishes in North America.

  • Recycling – Dawn Dish liquid uses up to 35% PCR (post consumer recycled) content in clear bottles. By 2025, we’ll use widely recyclable or reusable packaging.

  • Manufacturing – P&G has already made positive progress on its sustainability journey by converting to 100% renewable energy at its manufacturing sites, reducing water usage in manufacturing by 35%.


Our Goals at the Shore

  • Protecting Wildlife – Protect and care for one million birds and marine mammals through direct rescue and rehabilitation efforts, as well as advocacy and work in habitats to keep wildlife safe and in the wild.

  • Educating – Invest in educational programs that teach people how they can help create a cleaner world wildlife by taking simple actions, starting at home.

  • Training Wildlife Heroes (volunteers for action) – Inspire and empower one million people to become Wildlife Heroes - people who take small, positive actions in their daily lives to create a cleaner world for wildlife.

Join our mission and become a Wildlife Hero.

Discover how you can make a difference. Click below to learn more about International Bird Rescue, The Marine Mammal Center or to donate to PG Good Everyday.

Internation Bird Rescue logo
Bird Rescue volunteer holding bird
International Bird Rescue

International Bird Rescue

Bird Rescue
International Bird Rescue is a global conservation organization for birds in a changing world. Since 1971, Bird Rescue has responded to over 250 oil spills and other wildlife emergencies, caring for more than 160,000 birds on six continents. With crisis response centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Anchorage, the organization specializes in emergency preparedness and response, day-to-day aquatic bird care, and scientific research. Innovations are shared worldwide to inspire the next generation of wildlife specialists. Bird Rescue aims to give a voice to waterbirds through conservation, advocacy, and wildlife literacy that builds empathy and encourages action.

Find out how you can help and how to get involved with International Bird Rescue.

Dawn helps rescue seals
Marine Mammal Center Logo

The Marine Mammal Center

The Marine Mammal Center is a global leader in marine mammal health, science and conservation, and is the largest marine mammal hospital in the world. Sick and injured animals are treated at the Center’s state-of-the-art veterinary facilities and are cared for until they can be released back to their ocean home. As a resource and thought leader in animal care, education and scientific communities, the Center is taking action to support a network of scientists and concerned citizens around the world to protect our shared environment for future generations.

Find out how you can help and how to get involved with The Marine Mammal Center.