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Spaying Dawn Powerwash spray

Clean Dishes. Save Time.

*vs Dawn Non-Concentrated

Easy to Use

Just spray the powerful spray-activated suds directly on dirty dishes (No soaking required), then wipe and rinse. It’s that simple.

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“So awesome and VERSATILE!!!”

- Soapymeg Trent Hills, Ontario

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Best cleaning products awards

“A dynamite dish degreaser.”

- Good Housekeeping 2020

Dawn Powerwash spray wipe and rinse
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Dawn Powerwash easy to swap refill bottles

Easy-to-Swap Refill Bottles

  • Designed with a reusable sprayer to help reduce waste

  • Just remove the white cap and replace with reusable sprayer

  • Confirm the dip tube is facing the same direction as the sprayer

Dawn Powerwash Refiling
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