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How to Clean Dishes with Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray

Dawn Platinum Plus Powerwash - Removes 99% of Grease & Grime In Half The Time; Also Great For Wheels, Laundry Stains, Sink, Grills

How to Clean Dishes with Dawn Powerwash

1. Spray Dawn Powerwash's spray-activated suds start working on contact without added water.

2. Wipe or lightly scrub for stuck-on messes

3. Rinse until suds have been fully removed from the dish

For simple messes: Just spray, wipe, and rinse.

For tougher messes: You can skip the overnight soak, just let the suds sit for 3-4 minutes. You may see the suds gradually change from white to the color of the mess as Powerwash starts breaking down grease. Then, lightly scrub, and rinse.

How to Refill

Powerwash is designed with a reusable sprayer to help reduce waste. Convenient refills are available at most major retailers.

1. Remove the sprayer from the empty bottle by turning it counterclockwise to release.

2. Remove the disposable cap from the refill bottle and replace it with the sprayer. Turn the sprayer clockwise to secure.

3. Before use, it’s important to confirm that the dip tube inside the bottle is facing the same direction as the sprayer.

Once you’ve ensured that the sprayer and tube are facing the same way, you’re good to go!

Dawn Powerwash spray wipe and rinse


Just Spray, Wipe, and Rinse

See how Dawn Powerwash Dish Spray cleans grease 5X faster*

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Surfaces to avoid with Dawn® Powerwash:

  • Marble countertops, sink basins, and backsplashes

  • Wood, including unsealed, varnished, stained, or painted wood surfaces & furniture. Safe on wood cutting boards if rinsed.

  • Glass with UV coatings or other specialty treatments

  • Painted, varnished, or coated surfaces, including automobile paint

  • Precious metals, copper, or sterling silver

  • Leather, upholstery, or fabrics that won’t later be rinsed

  • Unfinished cast aluminum surfaces and fixtures (since aluminum can be sensitive to cleaning products, we recommend spraying and immediately rinsing on finished aluminum items)

  • Safe for use on Cast Iron, do note that as with other dish soaps, Dawn Powerwash can remove the seasoning on cast iron pans and griddles